Mini hair straightener

Each girl who owns lush curls has a special iron in her bathroom to straighten her naughty hair. Best mini flat iron tongs have gained immense popularity, because they allow you to put your hair on your own right at home and not spend money on the services of hairdressers and stylists. Curling irons allow not only to straighten hair, but also to slightly round the ends, add volume and lay bangs. But not every fashionista has a place to store standard irons, and some travel lightly and they simply do not have enough space in their hand luggage.

It was for such representatives of the fair sex that special mini hair straighteners were created that can freely fit in any woman's handbag, and even more so in a suitcase. These small road rectifiers have become an indispensable device for many girls, which is not surprising, because their compact size allows you not to occupy a lot of useful space.

Of course, the main advantage of these devices is their small size, due to which they are called "pocket". This is very convenient for many, especially when traveling, when you can fit in a suitcase only a certain number of things. We were able to appreciate the mini-irons and the owners of very magnificent hair, who need to always have a curling iron at hand due to possible rain or high humidity, because at this moment the hair begins to fluff and styling loses its beauty. And since small curling irons can easily fit in a women's handbag, they are lightweight and take up little space, you can always carry them with you.

Thanks to modern technology, it has become possible to supply mini curling irons not only with a straightening surface, but also with some additional functions. For example, most irons must have the ability to independently adjust the temperature, as well as a small display showing its level.

There are small curling irons with additional nozzles, which allows you to have a real travel styler to create a variety of styling and hairstyles. Some manufacturers offer for very busy ladies who do not have time to style their hair at home special mini curling irons with an adapter instead of a plug that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car.

Naturally, safety precautions should be taken and in no case should you use an iron while driving or when you are driving. In the first case, during sharp braking, you can get burned, in the second, become the culprit of a traffic accident. If you need to style your hair or bangs, you can safely do this by parking near the sidewalk or in a big traffic jam.

Homemade face masks

Even cosmetologists agree that homemade face masks are no worse, and sometimes even better, than salon cosmetics - we present to your attention more than a hundred recipes for masks for all types of faces, from simple to completely exotic.

For a woman who looks after her appearance, she wants to look well-groomed and attractive, face masks are a conscious necessity. You can, of course, go to a salon or choose an expensive product in a cosmetics store, but even experts agree that homemade face masks are no worse, or even better. You yourself can make beautiful face masks from the proposed recipes.

How to choose a homemade face mask that will certainly help

Unfortunately, universal masks for face skin do not exist. Neither home nor production. Hence the conclusion - it is very important to choose the right home mask for the skin that can solve your problem . If there are several complaints about the skin, select the most important one, and after it proceed to the next. This will help you avoid wasting time, money and nerves. Here are the highlights to watch out for.

Masks by skin type . Often women complain that dissatisfaction with the appearance is associated with an excessive manifestation of this factor, with excessive fatness or dryness. If you do not know him, we recommend that you take the test. Those who have already figured out can make masks for dry , normal or oily skin .

Face masks by age characteristics . It's no secret that skin of different ages requires a special approach, and different home recipes are selected accordingly. Cosmetologists include masks for young skin , face masks after 30 years , face masks after 40 years , as well as anti-aging and lifting masks for older ages.

Masks for specific skin problems . Often a woman is not concerned with the condition of the skin as a whole, but with a separate problem, which is noticeably different from others. These are masks for the skin around the eyes , masks for acne , masks for black spots , homemade moisturizing masks can do well with excessive dryness , masks for wrinkles can help mask age , cleansing masks are able to rid the skin of toxins and dead cells , and a healthy color and blush can be taken care of nourishing face masks .

Homemade face masks as an alternative to expensive factory cosmetics . Believing active advertising in the media, we spend significant funds on cosmetics. We are looking for collagen in its composition, someone is thinking about Botox. Folk wisdom suggests considering alternative options, for example, a lot of natural collagen is found in gelatin face masks , and in the article on masks with the Botox effect, you will find out that home-based starch-based products have the same properties.